Acchi Kocchi OpeningAnimeOpeningsandEndings WikiaAttack On Titan Ending 1-Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai(Yoko Hinasa)
Fairy Tail Opening 1-Snow Fairy(FUNKIST)Fairy Tail Opening 8-The Rock City Boy(JAMIL)
File:Acchi Kocchi OPFile:Acchi Kocchi OP 1.pngFile:Acchi Kocchi OP 2.png
File:Acchi Kocchi OP 3.pngFile:Acchi Kocchi OP 4.pngFile:Acchi Kocchi OP 5.png
File:Acchi Kocchi OP 6.pngFile:Acchi Kocchi OP 7.pngFile:Acchi Kocchi OP 8.png
File:Acchi Kocchi OP 9.pngFile:Attack On Titan Ending 1.pngFile:Attack On Titan Ending 2.png
File:Attack On Titan Ending 3.pngFile:Attack On Titan Ending 4.pngFile:Attack on Titan - Ending Credits
File:Fairy Tail Opening 1 + Subs CCFile:Fairy Tail Opening 7 The Rock City Boy 1.jpgFile:Fairy Tail Opening 7 The Rock City Boy 2.png
File:Fairy Tail Opening 7 The Rock City Boy 3.pngFile:Fairy Tail Opening 7 The Rock City Boy 4.pngFile:Fairy Tail Opening 7 The Rock City Boy 5.png
File:Fairy Tail Opening 7 The Rock City Boy 6.pngFile:Fairy Tail Opening 7 The Rock City Boy 7.pngFile:Fairy Tail Opening 8 + Subs CC
File:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 1.pngFile:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 10.pngFile:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 11.png
File:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 12.pngFile:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 13.pngFile:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 14.png
File:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 2.pngFile:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 3.pngFile:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 4.png
File:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 5.pngFile:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 6.pngFile:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 7.png
File:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 8.pngFile:Fairy Tail Snow Fairy 9.pngFile:Shingeki no Kyojin 進撃の巨人 ED Ending - "Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai" - Yoko Hikasa

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