The Acchi Kocchi Opening is the first and only Opening of the Acchi Kocchi Anime.




Episodes 1-13



One, two three, four.

One two, three, four!

Oooh ooh! Let's go!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,  yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah.

uuuuu da da da da da da.

I don't know anything about love., all I want to do is gaze at you.

At this age, it's hard to be honest with yourself.

Have you, or haven't you noticed yet?

Its a huge mystery.

da da da da da da da!

Those days that I spend all by myself, alone, feel like they're distinctly missing something.

When we all gather around, (nyahoi!) we have so much more fun(nyahoi!)

C'mon now, go play!

At one place(hai!) , we're holding hands(hai!)

At another place(hai!) , we're making a fuss.(nyahoi!)

This heartwarming sense of harmony, puts everyone at ease(nyaoi!)

At this place(hai!) we're all calming down(hai!)

At that place(hai!) , we're taking a little nap(nyahoi!)

My heart shimmers with warmth(nyaa!) 

Because you're right there, by my side.

(Hai! Hai! uuuu yahoi!)


Wan tsuu surri fou.

Wan tsuu surri fou!

oo,oo,  san hai!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

uu, da da da da da da.

Koi no imi nanka wakaranai

Anata wo mitsumetetai.

Sunao ni narenai otoshioro

Wakatteru  no ka inai no ka?

Saidai no mitsuterii

da da da da da da da!

Hitorikiri sugosu hi wa 

Choppori nanika taranakute

Minna ga sorou(nyahoi!) to yappari tanoshi(nyahoi!)

Ima wa saa asonjae

Acchi de(hai!) te wo totte(hai!)

Kocchi de oosawagi(hai!)

Honobono haamoni

Minna de hanaseru(nyahoi!)

Acchi de ochitsuite

Kocchi de hitoyasumi(hai!)

Kokoro ga pokapoka shite(nyaa!)

Kimi  ga soba ni iru

(Hai! Hai! uuuu nyahoi!)

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